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Transform Challenge

Need a push of motivation to kick off your fitness goals ?


Join our Transformation Challenge at Report Fitness to win a:


 1 Year Membership - Valued at OMG $1,620+tx !!

6 Month Membership - Valued at $840+tx

3 Month Membership – Valued at $435+tx

All you have to do is work out with Report Fitness for 3 months.


Sounds fun?

How to partake

 -  You are a Report Fitness member or wish to become one


-  Commit to training no less than 3 times per week for 3 months


-  Submit your “Before” and “After” challenge pictures

 (transformation stories are welcome)


 -  Adopt healthier eating habits by following 5 simple nutritional tips below


* Optional * Reach out to our Nutrition Coach if you want more help with your diet

Healthy toast toppings

5 Nutrition Tips to follow

1. Stay away from junk food

2. Hydrate (try to drink 2 l a day)

3. Eat fresh veggies/fruits daily

4. Cut down on added sugar

5. Pay attention to protein

(no less than 1g of protein per 1kg of body weight) 

Glasses of Water

How we pick THE winnerS

3 winners will be announced at the end of 3 months

Transformation comes in many forms. We’re here to make you feel better and stronger, and not just look leaner.

Tell us in what areas you have improved after the challenge:


1. Strength

2. Lifestyle Changes

3. Health and Wellbeing

4. Skills and Endurance

If you’re ready to accept these positive changes in your life, accept our Transformation Challenge!

Send us an email with “I am in” and your "before" pictures  and let’s begin !

You can also include your starting weight or any measurements that are important to you (eg. waist, hips, chest)


Spaces are limited, so hurry and sign up.

We’ll be accepting applications until Feb 28th, 2022.

Our Success Stories


You wouldn’t expect someone already fit to get such amazing results ! D not only improved her physique but also improved her performance and strength !

As I was getting leaner, I also got stronger, both physically and mentally. Today, I am more comfortable in my own skin, in my own head as well, and it shows! 

20 lbs lost and counting, looking and feeling amazing !  Bravo J, on achieving such great results by adjusting your eating habits and sticking to a consistent training routine !

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