hiit schedule

With the current government restrictions, the gyms will be available for you to train in a safe and supporting environment in an individual setting with the following procedures in place: 

- You will be able to use the gym space and equipment to do the HIIT WOD (Workout Of the Day) or any workout of your choice as individual training, with the coach present as a “floor supervisor”. 

THE WODs WILL ALSO BE POSTED ON YOUR MEMBERSHIP PORTAL so you can look at it ahead of time or during your training.

- You will have your designated safe space for training, no equipment is shared. Please disinfect your training space and equipment after use.


Choose among the times you see available on schedule, we will have max 8 people at the gym at the same time.

- The coach will ensure social distancing and hygiene guidelines are respected and will be around should you require assistance. 

We want you to feel safe and welcome!

* You can download FLIIP app here: download for iPhone or download for Android)

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