Extensive security & hygiene measures will be in place for your safety and health, please read below.

1. Hand disinfection before entering the training area is kindly required, the hand sanitizer bottle available at reception.


2. Member's temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer upon entry.


3. The self check in kiosk at the reception is temporarily disabled to minimize surface contact and the coach will check you in manually.


4. The training area for each member is clearly marked on the floor of the gym. A cleaning kit with each station is provided that includes a spray bottle with disinfectant solution and paper roll. The client must wipe and disinfect the equipment and floor of their training space after use. 


5. Make sure to always have your mask on if you are outside of your training square and remember to keep distance from your fellow gym members.


6. Bathrooms and locker rooms are not closed, but we strongly recommend to use them as little as possible. We highly recommend coming ready for the workout and shower at home. The use of showers will be at your own discretion. Spray bottles with disinfectant are also available in the bathrooms, please wipe the locker/shower if you use it. The bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected during the day as well.


7. No more than 3 people at a time will be allowed in the open space of the locker room, kindly respect that limit. 


8. Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the gym space and surfaces will be in place between the training times and at the end of day.


9. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE your belongings at the gym.


10. If you are a person at risk, please reconsider your return to the gym, we will be understanding of your medical reasons or other COVID concerns.


Thank you for your support and cooperation!