Report calisthenics

WHAT IS CALISTHENICS? It is a strength and skill oriented form of training that explores how to use your own body weight to maximize power and athletic ability. In these classes we will work on strength, mobility, body control and learn tools to practice such skills as handstand, human flag, muscle up, levers, planche and many more.

Calisthenics classes are a separate division of Report Fitness and are held at Report St Catherine gym (1972 St Catherine W). Please note that HIIT memberships do not include Calisthenics classes but there is a membership option that includes both (please see below). 


MON : 8PM - 9PM 

TUE : 1PM - 2PM & 8PM - 9PM

WED : 8PM - 9PM

THU : 1PM - 2PM & 8PM - 9PM

SAT : 1PM - 2PM & 2:30PM - 3:30 PM

SUN : 1PM - 2PM

Online sign up is kindly required.

* Prices shown do not include applicable taxes.

Drop In & Class Packages

Drop In Calisthenics                                              $17   

5 Class Package Calisthenics                              $75

10 Class Package Calisthenics                           $140

20 Class Package Calisthenics                           $260

^  Expire 1 year after the date of purchase

^  Non refundable 

^  Can be transferred to another member of Report upon request

Unlimited Monthly Membership

One Month Unlimited Calisthenics                     $150

^  Unlimited access to Calisthencis classes

^  Cannot be suspended

^  Non refundable and non transferable

One Month Unlimited Calisthenics + HIIT          $200

^  Unlimited access to Calisthenics and HIIT classes

^  Cannot be suspended

^  Non refundable and non transferable