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21 Workout Challenge 2023

Ready to create new healthy habits in 2023 ?

A new challenge will kick off on Jan 15, 2023 !

You may have heard it takes 21 days to create a habit. Let's make it 21 workouts in 30 days !

Create a habit of exercising and see how much better, stronger and healthier you will feel after.

You'd be surprised.. It might leave you craving for more !

Interested in workouts only?

Just drop your name on the calendar posted at gym and track how many workouts you complete in 30 days !

Looking for MORE ?

Get a FULL package !

Get Nutrition & Health Guide

Progress Measurement & Tracking

On-site Meetings with Coaches

Support of Report Community



 You already have a membership with Report Fitness and would like to get Nutrition Guide, measurement tracking and ongoing support.

 You don't have an active membership with Report Fitness.

The package will include 30 days of Unlimited Membership as well as materials for the Challenge and support.

Prices shown do not include applicable taxes.

Healthy toast toppings

Nutrition & Health Guide

Follow a set of Nutrition and Health Guidelines you will be provided for the 30 days of the challenge. 


This could be a game changer in achieving results !

Glasses of Water

And .. besides getting in SHAPE, you can also win a FREE membership !

Share with us your progress stories and enter into a chance to win a 3 or 6 Month membership ! 


Results come in many forms. Maybe your goal is to improve performance, reduce stress, gain energy.. Tell us about it !  Share in which areas you have improved after the challenge with your story, photos or a video :


Lifestyle Changes

Health and Wellbeing

Skills and Endurance


If you would like to get a full package for the challenge, sign up today !

You will receive instructions and materials for the challenge from Report team by email.


Start date January 15, 2023

Our Success Stories


You wouldn’t expect someone already fit to get such amazing results ! D not only improved her physique but also improved her performance and strength !

" As I was getting leaner, I also got stronger, both physically and mentally. Today, I am more comfortable in my own skin, in my own head as well, and it shows! "

20 lbs lost and counting, looking and feeling amazing !  Bravo J, on achieving such great results by adjusting your eating habits and sticking to a consistent training routine !

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